Mauser Pistol Chinese Variations
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This section of the site is devoted to the MULTITUDE of Chinese Mauser copies that exist
The representation of the Chinese flag is PRE-COMMUNIST
(Thanks Wayne Lam for the Chinese help)
 First off there are 2 Basic types of Chinese Mauser the first would be direct copies and the 2nd would be the Chinese only creation.  

These are recreations of the standard c96, M712, Carbine and Model 1930. Some were made years ago and some are recent recreations. The quality on these VARY WIDELY from Excellent to "Birdcage liner" the materials used to make the poorer quality ones CAN BE DEADLY Bolt stops and Barrels should be CAREFULLY inspected if in doubt get a gunsmith to check it out for you. 

This is a gun that MAUSER did not make but it is based on the original design. This gun is refered to as a Shansei, Shanxi or Shanzi (Chinese is Ideographical it "Sounds like this") Arsenal model in 45ACP Calibre (45 Automatic Colt Pistol Calibre). Models of this design are generally of good material quality but again if you are unsure get it checked out.  
History of the Shansei.... 
The Chinese Nationalists came to power in 1911 from this date the people of China dated items in the number of "Years" that the Chinese Nationalists were in power. Chinese Nationalist Year 2 would be 1912, Year 18 would be 1929 and Year 19 would be 1930. The Nationalists were overthrown in 1949 so the late 20's early 30's is the approximate timeframe that the original Shansei was created. I say "original" as there have been imports of "New" Shansei's or "Arsenal refinished" ones. Think about it this way...   

Is a Chinese copy of a  
Chinese copy a fake?  Especially if it is identical to the  
original?  If it is identical to the original, does it matter in  
what year it was manufactured?  Interesting questions..... 

Well, my .45 Broomhandle arrived today.  It is 100% new, not "very  
good to excellent finish" as advertised in SGN. 
I have been collecting military arms close to 40 years.  I know  
what old military arms look like.  I know what arsenal reworks  
look like.  I know what new Chinese pistols look like, having sold  
many Navy Arms TU-90s and Norinco 213s (both Tokarevs).  My best 
estimate is that this pistol is not 70 years old but is recently 
I feel that the pistol I received is a modern Chinese copy of a  
c.1930 Chinese copy of a Mauser. 
I would also admit that I have no way to prove that my pistol was  
not made around 1929 - 1932. 

-These comments were made by Bill Uterback
With that being said a nice "Example" of this gun can be obtained for $800 to $1000 from at least 2 suppliers IAR and CDNN. Now if you are about to drop down $5000 I'd insist on all documentation for the weapon Caveo Emptor (Buyer Beware). 

The following Shansei photos were provided by Kyrie Ellis  

A book that Kyrie has states this says "First Type"
The left most character is indeed the symbol for type
[MIN2] the people; a person of a certain occupation; civilian.
[GOU2] country; state; nation; of the state; national; of our country; Chinese; a surname.
[SHI2] the number 10
[BA1] the number 8
[SHI4] a type; a model; a style
[ER4] This has been suggested that this is a variation in the formal writing of the number 2 
Thanks to Richard Tai
Unknown #2 If you can Identify this in PinYin or Unicode or any method that is reproducable  
Unknown #3 If you can Identify this in PinYin or Unicode or any method that is reproducable  
Unknown #4  If you can Identify this in PinYin or Unicode or any method that is reproducable  
Unknown #5 If you can Identify this in PinYin or Unicode or any method that is reproducable  
I received and Email that proved interesting 
Unknown #4 and #5 may be a variation of DI4 but Drawn BACKWARDS like a mirror 
this is DI4this is it backwards notice it looks similar 
DI4 is an Ordinal prefix our english equivalent woud be the difference between 1 (one) and 1st (first). This explination would fit the translation given in Kyrie's Book. 
[JIU3] The number 9
Thanks to Richard Tai
Kyrie's and Bills gun woud appear like this below in modern Chinese written L-R. My goal is to have all the Hanzi above converted to PinYin then you can "Click" on the line and the computer will say it  
To hear this line "speak" courtesy of Bell Labs click on the above Hanzi or click here
Known Shansei serial numbers 
A listing on this page is not an endorsement of authenticity and is presented FYI
Serial Number Year on Gun in Chinese Importer Remarks
1012 18 (1929) BTC (Briklee Trading Co) Bill
1854 18 (1929) BTC (Briklee Trading Co) Returned to place of purchase for replacement  (defective) 
1861 18 (1929) BTC (Briklee Trading Co) Pictured above 
2441 18(1929) IAC (Import Arms Co.) Thomas
2691 19(1930) Unknown The Mauser Self Loading Pistol  
pg 141 
information provided by Bill
3984 19 (1930) WWII Army Bringback Rh panel pictured above 
XXXX 19(1930) Unknown System Mauser  
pg 224
XXXX 19(1930) Unknown Know Your Broomhandle Mausers 
pg 61 
information provided by Bill
4445 ??(19??) Unknown The Broomhandle Pistol 
XXXX 20(1931) Unknown The Broomhandle Pistol 
Rh Panel Pictured above 
If you have a serial number or information you'd like to add to the list please feel free to Email me. The list is dynamic so it changes frequently.
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