Illustrated Parts Breakdown
Parts List
1 Barrel (Varied Between 3-3/4" and 5-1/2")  
2A Extractor Early Approx. 1-25/32"OAL  
2B Extractor Late 1-3/8"OAL(Overall Length)  
3A Bolt (Early With Slide Up style firing Pin Retainer)  
3A1 Firing Pin Retainer (for Early Bolt)  
3B Bolt (Late Model Firing pin is Self Retaining)  
4 Bolt Locking Block  
5 Bolt Recoil Spring  
6 Bolt Stop  
7A Firing Pin (Early Retainer Type)  
7B Firing Pin (Late Self Retaining Type)  
8 Firing Pin Spring  
9 Sear Spring and Hammer Pivot  
10A Lock Frame  
10B Lock Frame  
10C Lock Frame (Schnellfeuer) 
11A Hammer  
11B Hammer  
11C Hammer  
11D Hammer  
11E Hammer  
11F Hammer (Schnellfeuer)  
12 Receiver (2 Types Early uses the 18A Trigger Group, Late Uses 18B Trigger) There are also other varaitions 20 shot Fixed magazine,6Shot Shot fixed magazine, Removable magazine and Full Automatic (Schnellfeuer)  
13A Magazine Floor Plate Release (Early)  
13B Magazine Floor Plate Release (Late)  
14 Follower  
15A Safety Leaver  
15B Safety Leaver  
15C Safety Leaver  
16 Sear Leaver  
17 Sear Arm  
18A Trigger (Early)  
18A1 Trigger Housing (Early Only)  
18A2 Trigger Pivot Pin (Early Only)  
18B Trigger (Late)  
19A Trigger/Magazine Floor Plate Release Spring (Early)  
19B Trigger/Magazine Floor Plate Release Spring (Late)  
20 Rocker Plunger  
21 Main Spring  
22 Main Spring Plunger  
23 Rocker Coupling  
24 Lock Frame Stop  
25 Lanyard Ring  
26 Grips (Approx 6 different Types depending on caliber and model)  
27 Follower Spring  
28 Rear Sight  
29 Rear Sight Spring  
30 Rear Sight Elevation Block  
31 Rear Sight Elevation Block Catch  
32 Rear Sight Elevation Block Spring  
33 Grip Threaded Escutcheon  
34 Grip Screw  
35 Grip Escuutcheon  
36 Magazine Floor Plate  
37 Buttstock Mounting Frame  
38 Retaining feather spring  
39 Buttstock Mounting Frame screw  
40 Cover Hinge  
41 Cover Feather Spring  
42 Cover Feather Spring Screw  
43 Cover Disk  
44 Buffer Feather Spring  
45A Cover hinge Screw Large  
45B Cover hinge Screw Small  
46 Nut for Cover Hinge Screws  
47A Flat Headed Wood Screw  
47B Round Headed Wood Screw  
48 Buttstock  
49 Buttstock Cover 
Schnellfeuer Parts List
SF1 Full-Auto-Fire Pawl Spring
SF2 Full-Auto-Fire Pawl Pin
SF3 Full-Auto-Fire Pawl
SF4 Magazine Follower
SF5 Magazine Spring
SF6 Magazine
SF7 Magazine Floor Plate
SF8 Catch Hook Disconnector
SF9 Catch Hook
SF10 Catch Hook Plunger Spring
SF11 Catch Hook Plunger
SF12 Magazine Catch
SF13 Magazine Catch Spring
SF14 Full-Auto-Fire Switch Stud
SF15 Full-Auto-Fire Switch Spring
SF16 Full-Auto-Fire Switch
Basic Pistol Take Down 
Make sure chamber is empty and ensure that the magazine is empty. This can be accomplished by HAND cycling the bolt. On fixed magazine c96's the bolt will latch open after the last round is ejected(if the magazine is empty). 
Bolt should then be moved to the closed position. Do this by depressing the magazine follower. You can use a stripper and withdraw it or you can hold pressure on the bolt to prevent it from slamming shut. 
Remove the magazine floor plate,magazine spring and magazine follower by depressing the floorplate release with a pen or other suitable object and sliding the mag floor plate foreward toward the barrel. 
Cock the hammer and lift the lock frame stop lever (take down latch) upwards. Slide the receiver foreward, it should be toward the barrel, slowly, as the lock frame may pop loose from the bolt locking block. If the locking frame does not pop loose then firmly pull the lock frame downward and away from the the barrel. 
It is accomplished in the reverse order taking note that the bolt locking block is installed in the barrel first and that the locking frame must be engaged securely into the  Bolt locking  block before the receiver is reinstalled.
Early Model Bolt/Barrel Take Down    
Remove Locking Block from barrel (rotate downward) 
Remove firing pin by pushing firing pin foreward sufficiently to allow the firing pin retainer to move upward (alot of force required) and out of the bolt. Then extract the firing pin and firing pin spring. 
Remove the Bolt stop and then remove the bolt from the barrel. Remove the Bolt Recoil spring from the bolt THRU THE FINING PIN HOLE other wise you may damage the recoil spring.  
To remove the extractor from the bolt the extractor must be lifted and pulled foreward toward the bolt face.  
It is accomplished in reverse order taking note that on the reinstallation of the recoil spring that it is inward suffiently so that when the bolt is reinstalled in the barrel the bolt stop can be reinserted.  
Late Model Bolt/Barrel Take Down   
 Same as Early Model
Remove firing pin by pushing firing pin foreward and turning clockwise with a take down tool or slotted screwdriver. Then extract the firing pin and firing pin spring.  
Same as Early Model
Same as Early Model
Same as Early Model
Lock Frame Take Down
Remove safety leaver.
Remove lock frame stop.
Remove sear leaver. 
While holding pressure on the hammer in the cocked position rotate the sear arm upwards and relive pressure on the hammer. Remove the sear arm. 
Push the rocker plunger inwards toward the hammer until the rocker coupling falls out. Remove the rocker plunger,main spring and main spring plunger. 
Remove the sear spring/hammer pivot and remove the hammer. 
It is accomplished in reverse order. 
Early Model Trigger Removal
Late Model Trigger Removal
Using a small hook type pick lift the trigger spring clear of the magazine floor plate release while pulling the trigger spring rearward out of the frame. Remove trigger and magazine floorplate release. Reassembly is accomplished in reverse order. 
Rear Sight Takedown 
NOTE: These steps only apply to the adjustable rear site 
Take a piece of 3/8" wooden dowel or the eraser end of a pencil (so as not to marr the finish on the sight) and depress the site downward between the site pivot ears with one hand while pulling rearward on the site with the other hand. 
Slide rear site spring out of rear site. Remove elevation block,catch and spring once this is clear of the site it will fall apart. 
Simply reverse the order.